Mobile Applications

Geo-location based Attendance Mobile Application:

This Attendance system uses reverse geo location tagging with image recognition technology. Employee will click their photo mark attendance. Application also uploading their work report. Employee as well as their reporting managers can use this app to check the subordinate’s attendance record. This way Authority will be intimated if attendance is forged or marked at different location other than allocated. Department can download report from websites and API for integration.

Feedback Poll Management Mobile Application:

This system directly connects government department to citizen for collecting feedback for their various services, activities and programs. This app allows department to create a poll and share to citizens. After citizen's locked response department can analyze their results in app.

ComplaintManagement System Mobile Application:

This app allows citizen to log their complaints with image of the problem area. Also citizen can track the status of their complaints. This way department can directly manage the complaints they receive via app.

SmartApp Notifications:

Government departments will push notifications are simple messages send through services portal and message will display on apps that are installed on a device based on the preference area or services domain. In the mobile Application user will received notifications wake up the handset device and alert the user with a message displayed. User can change the preferences at any point of time based on their requirements and can also see the previously saved preferences.