SMS Pull / Mobile Originated Service Integration: Step by Step

Short codes 51969 and 166 and long code 9223166166 have been operationalised for providing public services through SMS. These codes are access points for all pull based SMS services.

Step 1: How to Configure your keyword?

Following is the format:


State government services start with the keyword for the state, followed by the sub-keyword which identifies the service and followed, by the parameter/argument.

Step 2: What does a department need to provide?

The department needs to provide the following:

Provide us the URL of the interface of their service in HTTP GET or POST. Department must clearly specify whether the provided HTTP interface is GET or POST.

Public IP of the server where the department service is hosted. This is required by our data centre for whitelisting this particular IP. For security reasons, MSDG server can make call to only those servers, whose IP is whitelisted in our data centre. We assume that department service is running on 80 or 443 port(s). Provide the ports if it is other than 80 or 443.

Step 3: What is the recommended format for the department's URL?

SMS Gateway of MSDG receives the following information from the Mobile Network Operator (Telco):

1. Mobile Number (current supported format is: 9324******)
2. Time Stamp (in the format "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss")
3. Operator Name (currently not being provided by the Mobile Network Operator)
4. Area Code (currently not being provided by the Mobile Network Operator)
5. Message (complete 160 characters)

The above details are forwarded to the department as it is, in the format as provided in the example below (in case the department URL is HTTP GET). Currently, Operator Name and the Area Code will be sent to the department as blank.

Exmaple: 13:30:20&operatorName=&areaCode=&message=KEYWORD SUBKEYWORD 1234567890123

SMS gateway pull integration

Appendix :

On Board Departments and Live Services on SMS Gateway Pull (Mobile Originated - MO) - 166 / 51969 / 9223166166

SMS Pull Service Demo