SMS Gateway

The SMS Gateway provides the common service of SMS to the eGovernance exchange and is used to deliver SMS based services to all citizens and businesses. It supports both push and pull based services. Using push services, common informational services can be pushed to citizens as a group. Departments can use the SMS Portal or a programmatic interface to push SMSs to citizens. Citizens can also request for specific information through pull based SMS services. Short codes 51969 and 166 have been allotted by Government of India for mobile governance services in the country. These short codes have already been made operational for pull services. In addition, a long code, 9223166166, has also been made operational for pull services.

Push SMS
  • Master Account Control
  • Sub Account functionality
  • Prepaid Billing
  • Unique Sender IDs
  • Pay only for Delivered and Submitted SMS
  • API integration available (programmatic interface)
  • Service web portal available
  • Support Unicode messages
  • Per day 50000 SMS strength
  • Easy Bulk messaging
  • Priority SMS delivery
  • Detailed MIS Report
  • Summary report
  • Robust SMS gateway
  • Dynamic Queue Management
  • Retry Mechanism
  • Load balancing Architecture
  • Delivery Guaranteed 99.5%

Pull SMS
  • Citizens ease for seeking departmental service
  • Best for seeking Exam results, Application Status
  • Dedicated short codes 166/51969/9223166166
  • Keyword based service
  • Format supported :
    <-Keyword-> SPACE <-Sub-keyword-> SPACE